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The BYKR BROZ were established in 2008. We started out as a group of friends that love to ride and party together. We would ride all over Georgia and the outlying states making memories on the most kick ass road trips. We could stay in the smallest hotel or cabin and make it a killer time. At this time we did not have a clubhouse to gather in so we would park our scoots in the front yard of our President’s residence and party in his driveway. 


Eventually, more people wanted to join our diverse crew of family and friends. Our times together grew more frequent, were a damn good time, and were extremely memorable. As a result of our growth we moved to the first BYKR BROZ “shop” located on Leverett Road in Warner Robins, GA. It was a small building that we all chipped into remodel and made it our home. We partied together, worked on our bikes in a very small shop area, had many family days to include our extended families and children, and put on and participated in several charity events. 

As we grew closer we also grew bigger. We eventually needed a bigger space to accommodate all of our brothers. We have moved a clubhouse that is located on Watson Boulevard. Together we have built a club based on honor, loyalty, and respect. We pledge to stand united in the ultimate brotherhood.

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