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From time to time people ask what they have to do to become a BYKR BRO! It is really quite simple. The easiest answer is just "be a BYKR BRO!” We don't have the same official protocols of clubs and organizations like 1% clubs. We are also not a "garden club" so you don't just "join" by signing up and showing up. In order to help you understand what is generally expected of a person wanting to be a "BYKR BRO,” you will find the following guidelines helpful.


If you think you would like to be a BYKR BRO, hang out with the BYKR BROZ. Try us on for a while. Find out where we are and what we are doing and show up. Hopefully, you will find us welcoming and inviting. You may already have friends in the crew. If not, make some. If you would like text notifications what we are up to ask HARDROCK and he will put you on the list to receive notifications about what is up.


While you are “trying us on,” pay attention to what we do and how we do it. If you want, ask questions, we don’t have secrets or mysterious rules or codes. We are pretty straight up. If you are going to be with us, we want you to be like us. By that simply, if you ride with us, ride like us. If you party with us, party like us. If you’re going to hang with us, respect the values and behaviors that are important to us.


We are committed to a style of riding that is centered on safety and certain common sense guidelines that ensure a fun and safe environment for all of us. If your riding style is aggressive or invites risk or danger, you might want to save that for when you ride in private or in smaller groups. We have riders of differing skill and comfort levels, so when we ride together we try to accommodate each rider for optimum safety. In order to make sure we reach our destination safely, we usually have a lead rider familiar with our style of riding, the various skill levels, as well as our destination. Familiarize yourself with and try to respect our riding style.


We are also a very social and active group, as you have probably noticed. We are very visible and very much in the public eye on a regular basis. We have a certain demeanor and deportment that is also important to us. Our crew tends to ride hard and party hard. We like to laugh loud and live large. Join in the party, but please help us preserve a good relationship with each other, the public, the local establishments, and law enforcement. Respect and courtesy are seldom a bad idea. We are sometimes a rowdy bunch, but we try to preserve an environment where people are glad to see us come, and know that a good time is about to be had by all.


There are certain values that are important to us. We are inclusive of all kinds of people, we are committed to a drama free environment, and we want to protect our position in the biker community by preserving our distinct AMA character. We ride our bikes, thus the term “biker.” Rain or shine, hot or cold, long and hard, we ride. We live in a great climate so we don’t have a “riding season,” we ride year round.


If you decide you really do want to be a BYKR BRO, try to add something to our group. Commit to being an active participant who contributes to our crew and participates in what we do. Show up! Don’t just get a patch and disappear. If you are not around, you are not being a BYKR BRO.


Once you try us on and decide that you do actually want to be a BYKR BRO, tell one of the BROZ and he or she will set you on the right course to get the job done.

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