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The BYKR BROZ of Middle GA is chartered as a Social/Recreational Club sanctioned by the American Motorcyclists Association (AMA). Our charter number is 2961587. The AMA is the largest and oldest organized group of motorcyclists in the world with over 235,000 present members. It was formed in 1924 to support on and off road motorcycling and it is also the largest member based advocacy organization of any type in the world. The stated mission of the AMA is "to promote the motorcycle lifestyle and protect the future of motorcycling for generations to come."

We are separate and distinct from other organizations known as 1% clubs. We are not territorial, or in any way involved or affiliated with activities, alliances, or rivalries associated with such organizations. We do have vests with our BYKR BROZ logo embroidered in the center. We also have a top rocker with our club name on it. Our bottom rocker claims no territory but displays the Latin phrase SIC SEMPER TYRRANUS, which historically reflects the idea DEATH TO ALL TYRANTS. This is a declaration that as Americans we refuse to be bullied or tyrannized by any group to conform our club to their rule or jurisdiction. Our members are clearly and intentionally distinguishable from members of a 1% club. We wear a diamond on our chest with the number 22 which represents the second letter of the alphabet, B, and BB being the initials of the BYKR BROZ. While we do have a cube with the letters MC on our back, we also have a patch declaring that our allegiance is clearly with the AMA. In fact, our vests comply with the request of the AMA to be clearly marked as being AMA on the front and back. We are not in competition with, nor in conflict with any other club or organization.

BYKR BROZ members voluntarily participate in the AMA by paying a $50 annual membership fee. This provides them with a subscription to the American Motorcyclist magazine, participation in the AMA Roadside Assistance program, and several discounts available to members at various hotels and parts suppliers. The "Social/Recreational" charter of the AMA is designed for "enthusiasts who ride together but are not structured or designed to host formal events," and the cost is a $35 annual charter fee.

We are not a 1% club. In fact, it is said that 1% clubs received that designation based on an "alleged" statement by the AMA during the Hollister Riots in Hollister, CA in 1947. After a very disruptive event on July 4, 1947 during one of the Gypsy Tour Rallies, there was said to be a statement by the AMA that 99% of all motorcycle riders are law abiding citizens who enjoy riding motorcycles, but 1% were "outlaw clubs." While no such quote from the AMA can be verified, some clubs and their members accepted that as a badge of honor and declared themselves to be a part of that 1%, or "1%ers." The BYKR BROZ are a part of the AMA and the greater motorcycling community.

We are a very diverse crew of friends and family who ride together, party together, and help each other out regarding our motorcycle riding and personal lives. Our participation and actions are voluntary and not compulsory. We are completely independent and unaffiliated. Each member has equal standing and acts as an individual. We believe it is our autonomy and independence that strengthens and empowers us, and it is our love and brotherhood that unites us.

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